The nimble nature of screw piles makes it possible to install them in almost any application, including retaining structures. Not only are we able to engineer custom solutions for almost any problem, we can install those solutions in even the most limited access or restricted space.

Screw piles are bearing devices so they don’t rely on friction, as conventional grouted anchors do. Our retaining wall solutions are designed to reinforce soil or other unstable vertical surfaces, easily creating a solid bearing structure that maintains slope integrity and will not fail under almost any environmental condition.

Using screw piles for retaining walls also has the advantage of being very cost-effective, fast and environmentally friendly.

Additional features and advantages of screw piles for retaining walls include:

  • fast and accurate installation
  • completely removable and reusable for location changes
  • engineered and designed to fit
  • specialized equipment that allows for precision in placement
  • minimal disruption and noise
  • minimal frost heaving
  • minimal excavation required
  • immediate load-bearing capacity