Inland was the first company to pursue the use of screw piles for signage. Since the idea began, solid engineering principles have provided four basic design categories to accommodate most of the signs in use today. However, custom design foundations are also available for larger billboard type signs.

Using screw piles for signage has a number of benefits. Not only can they be installed very quickly in any weather, they are easy to remove, can be re-used and are extremely cost-effective. They also require no pre-excavation and can be engineered for any environment or application.

Additional advantages of screw piles for signage include:

  • fast and accurate installation
  • no overburden to be removed
  • completely removable and reusable for location changes
  • resistant to frost heaving
  • site verified loading
  • single piece of modern equipment for rapid mobilization, installation and demobilization
  • can be hot dip galvanized for increased life expectancy