School Portables

When it comes to modular structures such as school portables, there is simply no better foundation solution than Inland’s screw piles. We can engineer them to fit anywhere – even in holes in existing pavement – and in any weather condition. Not only can we install screw piles quickly and with minimal excavation and disturbance, their immediate load-bearing capacity means that the structure can be placed on the foundation on the day of installation

If the site ever needs to be reclaimed, the screw piles are easily removed and can be reused in another location. With no excavation required, there is minimal change to a school’s landscape once the structure and screw piles have been removed.

For busy, crowded schools, our screw pile solutions offer the simplest, fastest and most cost-effective way to provide a foundation for additional learning space that is solid, secure and lasting.

Additional advantages of screw piles for school portables include:

  • fast and accurate installation
  • environmentally friendly
  • completely removable and reusable for location changes
  • very easy to level loads
  • site verified loading and designed with site-specific engineering
  • minimal frost heaving
  • equipment calibrates for accurate placement
  • no excavation required
  • no overburden removal required