Light Bases

Inland Screw Piling light davit foundations are engineered to meet the high wind loads of Southern Alberta. Our helical light base is the longest in the industry and is the best assurance of a stable foundation for a light davit.

We have designed a wide range of light davit foundations and also custom-engineer them to meet specific use and environmental needs. All of our light bases are resistant to bending, shearing forces, strong winds and bearing loads. They are quick to install, create minimal traffic disruption and ground disturbance and require no pre-excavation.

We use below ground cable to facilitate ease of utility connection and can install them in any weather conditions or setting, including urban-municipal-highway lighting, residential streets, rural areas, parks, pathways, parking lots and yards. They are extremely cost effective and can be reused and relocated for a longer product life.

Additional advantages of screw piles for signage include:

  • Inland’s own engineered bases accommodate 20′ to 60′ double davit lights
  • single piece of equipment for rapid mobilization, installation and demobilization
  • piles can serve as ground rods
  • no overburden to be removed
  • completely removable and reusable for location changes
  • resistant to frost heaving
  • site verified loading
  • can be hot dip galvanized for increased life expectancy
  • signage capabilities