Building Foundations

Inland screw piles can be engineered for construction projects of almost any size or environment. Their enormous load capacity makes them extremely versatile and their minimal footprint make them the ideal choice for almost any building foundation, including residential, commercial and major construction.

Inland’s screw piling techniques and applications are designed and engineered to fit even the strictest building requirements. Installation is rapid and load-bearing capacity is immediate. In addition, our building foundations provide the most sustainable, time-efficient and cost-effective solution.

Our clients also receive the benefits of a team of engineers, project managers and crews to coordinate and complete their foundation from the initial stages of soil testing, engineering design, through to final construction and certification.

Even for the most challenging project, there is no better foundation solution than Inland screw piles.

Additional advantages of screw piles for school portables include:

  • fast and accurate installation
  • environmentally friendly
  • can be installed in areas with high ground water
  • very easy to level loads
  • site-specific design and engineering
  • no frost heaving
  • no over excavation required