Industrial & Commercial

When used in commercial and industrial applications, screw pile technology provides an innovative method of foundation construction that allows for stronger, precise and more sustainable structures. Because we design these applications based on the soil and loading conditions and manufacture each piling accordingly, our screw-pile foundations are solid and can be installed in even the most challenging setting.

Some applications include:

  • industrial applications for anchors and equipment foundations
  • commercial buildings
  • adding new equipment to an existing building
  • signs and light base foundations
  • relocatable structures (including school portable classrooms and modular structures)
  • retaining walls

Advantages of using Inland Screw Piling for these applications:

  • leading edge engineering and technology
  • speed and ease of installation
  • winter installation
  • removable, non-invasive installation
  • can be installed at any angle
  • more cost-effective, particularly for small loads
  • additional advantages