The Inland Advantage

What is the Inland advantage?

There are lots of smart reasons to choose Inland for any application requiring screw piles. Aside from our excellent track record and highly trained team, we also:

  • manufacture our own screw piles and related accessories in our Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) Certified shop with properly formed “true” helices and new materials only
  • ensure that our piles not only install easily in most types of soil, but also perform in accordance with screw pile research studies and good engineering practices
  • work with our clients to solve challenges through our extensive knowledge and expertise
  • promise that the best possible people are utilized on each project
  • do everything possible to ensure your project is completed on time, within budget and implemented with the highest workmanship standards
  • ensure that our installations are precise, even in the most difficult locations
  • custom manufacture pile caps, brackets and other parts as required

Our innovative solutions have helped our clients to overcome many challenges that would otherwise have cost them valuable time, money or quality.  Some of these challenges include:

  • poor site access
  • congested sites
  • underground utilities
  • low headroom
  • installing inside existing buildings
  • project time constraints
Whether your needs are commercial, industrial or residential, we have the innovative designs, the best products, the right crew and the equipment required to handle all of your applications.