Chad Lemay, P.Eng. – Ledcor Highway Maintenance:In our Highway Maintenance Division, we have had the pleasure of working with Harry Knelson and Inland Screw Piling on various projects. Not only were the installations provided in a safe, timely, accurate and efficient manner, Inland also provided a high standard of care and integrity compared to other suppliers, particularly related to the engineering of their product.
Ron Boese – Gero Construction and Development:We have used the services of Inland Screw Piling and have always found them to provide a very timely service and on budget.
Cory Stock, CET, Manager-Engineering and Design – Triple-M Housing:Inland Screw Piling has installed piles for at least of dozen of our homes and several other building structures. We have not received one complaint from our clients or our set-up crew. Precision is important when setting piles for modular structure and we are very pleased with the quality of work done by Inland.
Mike Philip, Project Estimator – Volker Stevin Contracting, Ltd.:We needed piles installed for two sand/salt sheds, which Harry and his crew installed in a safe and timely manner. The quality of the work and the quality of the screw piles were good and I can foresee more dealings with Inland in the future.
Ken Harvey, CEO – Coulee Creek Common Ltd.:We have found that whether it is the smaller 4 ½ inch piles for our residential applications or the 8 5/8th inch piles for our commercial mall, Inland performed the work with the highest level of competency and professionalism.
Rob Falconer, Director, Distributed Generation – ENMAX Energy Corporation:ENMAX Energy Corporation has used Inland Screw Piling for the installation of foundations. Inland has consistently demonstrated the ability to drive large screw piiles in remote locatios that meet our foundational requirements. Inland has the capability to manufacture our desired size of screw pile in addition to supplying the heavy equipment needed to transport materials to the site and perform the installation.
Terry Focht – Zipperlock Building Company:We needed 7 inch diameter shaft piles installed for a large Zipperlock storage building project. Inland’s excavtor mounted unit achieved this comfortably. Inland Screw Piling has excellent engineering, good workmanship and great integrity. We’d have no reservations about working with them again.