About Screw Piles

What is a Screw Pile? A screw pile, also know as a helical pile, is a hollow tube of steel with one or more steel plates welded to a steel shaft in strategically placed locations. Using hydraulic rotary equipment, the piles are literally screwed into the ground.

What are the advantages of using screw piles? Steel screw piles are more cost effective than any other foundation type. They are also the fastest to install and leave the smallest environmental footprint. They also:

  • require no excavation, which means soil remains undisturbed
  • can be used within diverse soil conditions
  • are solid enough for heavy load to be applied immediately after they are installed
  • create no noise pollution during installation
  • are completely removable and reusable
  • can be installed in all weather conditions
  • are extremely versatile and can be used in limitless applications
  • are ideal for underpinning internal & under building jobs
  • are high load bearing